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Accreditation rules

FIS Accreditation Regulations

For persons who are not bearers of valid FIS season accreditation, OC Pokal Vitranc will issue local accreditation to which the following terms and conditions apply:

  • The applicant hereby expressly confirms that he/she is not under a sanction of ineligibility issued by FIS or by an entity the decisions of which are to be recognised by FIS in accordance with FIS Rules and in particular the FIS Anti-Doping Rules, as no valid accreditation can be issued in such case, respectively, any accreditation already granted at the time such sanction becomes effective will automatically become void.
  • The applicant understands that a v valid accreditation at the Vitranc Cup does not give him/her an absolute right to obtain access to any controlled areas. Such access can at any time be restricted or prohibited by specific instructions of the FIS or the OC Vitranc Cup Kranjska Gora, without limitation for safety, capacity or other reasons.
  • The applicant confirms that he/she will attend the Vitranc Cup in the specified function for which he/she is applying for accreditation and will not use the accreditation for other purposes.
  • The applicant attests that he/she submits to and will strictly comply with the FIS International Competition Rules (ICR) and their by-laws and will strictly follow all instructions of the organisers, the competition jury, race directors and other representatives of the FIS.
  • The applicant accepts that he/she is entering the restricted areas including, subject to specific additional permissions given by the FIS Chief Race Director, the competition areas at his/her own and sole risks and responsibility and that, within the limits of applicable law, he/she fully release the FIS, OC Vitranc Cup Kranjska Gora, their respective officers, employees, staff and agents, as well as racers, trainers and other participants from any liability in case of any injury or damages he or she would suffer.
  • The applicant further accepts that he/she may be responsible for any damage or injury he/she is causing. In this respect, he/she understands that, unless he/she is covered by the general civil liability insurance of OC Vitranc Cup Kranjska Gora as a result of his/her specific function either within the Organising Committee or in application of the ICR, he/she is not covered by such insurance and he/she is, therefore, obliged to have an appropriate civil liability insurance of his/her own.
  • The applicant undertake to behave properly at all times and to abstain from any act or behaviour which interferes with the proper organisation of the Vitranc Cup, including without limitation to use its accreditation for purposes which are in conflict which are in conflict with legitimate activities authorised by FIS and/or the OC Vitranc Cup Kranjska Gora (e.g. unauthorised commercial or media activities).
  • The applicant acknowledges and accepts that failure to comply at any time with any of the above terms and conditions may lead to withdrawal of the FIS and/or OC Vitranc Cup accreditation.

Any issue related to the application, grant, denial, withdrawal, validity or content of a FIS accreditation is governed by the FIS Rules and, subsidiarily, Swiss law.

Without limitation to the jurisdiction of any body of competent juristiction in connection with the application of the FIS Rules to which the applicant may be submitted, any dispute which is not to be adjudicated in application of specific procedures provided for by the FIS Rules, but which arises between such accredited person and the FIS and/or the organiser, including but not limited to issues linked with application for grant, denial, withdrawal, validity or content of the accreditation or claims for damages of either party against the other arising out of occurrences (acts or omissions) linked with the use of such accreditation

Vitranc Cup Accreditation Rules

  • Application must be submitted by March 6th, 2024, at the latest. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse application that do not conform with general FIS accreditation regulations.
  • If you are not in possession of a FIS seasonnal ID card, you have to agree to the FIS accreditation regulations.
  • By sending on-line application for Media Accreditation it is understood, that the applicant read and understood the FIS Accreditation regelations and OC Vitranc Cup accreditation rules.
  • Accreditations will be handed out only after presenting a valid press card and signed Media Accredittaion application that has to be presented and handed to the acreditation office upon taking accreditation.
  • Accreditation is not transferable and is limited only to the areas specifically designated and marked oin accredtitation.
  • Furthermore, it is required that the accredtitation badge shall be presented at each check point.
  • Accreditation can be collected in the accreditation center.
  • Number of media accredittaions is limited.
  • Access to the race course is governed by FIS Race Director. Special on-course access accreditation will be handed out upon request every day after the team captains meeting in the race office.
  • Accompanying people cannot be given media accreditation. Upon a special request and editor’s  approval they may be given a ticket by local OC to watch the race in the general public area.
  • Photographers: We would like to draw your attention to the fact that access onto the race course is governed by FIS rules and, therefore, the Organizing Committees will be unable to grant any access to photographers that are not listed by FIS. A special photographer designated area stand will be available in the arrival area near the exit.
  • TV, Radio and multimedia accreditations must be approved by the race media rights holder Infront, before accreditation can be issued.
  • Capacity in the press center is limited. In order to offer to press the best possible conditions, we will by priority accredit members of media outlets that are related to the ski sport specifically or winter sports in general.
  • By accepting these accreditation rules you agree that OC Vitranc Cup can collect, process and save all personal data included in the accreditation form for the sole purpose of:
    • issuing the appropriate accreditation for the races of Vitranc Cup
    • internal OC analyses

OC Vitranc Cup hereby state that the collected personal data will be kept safe according with the appropriate Slovenian legislation and used only for the purpose as mentioned above.

To be accredited for the Vitranc Cup applicant must read, understand and accept above rules and regulations if she/he wants to be accredited. If applicant does not accept above rules and regulations the on-line accreditation request can not be sent.

OC Vitranc Cup will accept only on-line accreditation requests sent from this web page.